Learn phonics!

The #1 reason why foreign kids speak English so fluently- but your child struggles: Phonics!

Phonics is the most powerful English learning technique taught in US, UK, and 100+ countries. 

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Why Phonics is the best technique to learn English?

Phonics focuses on letter sounds not just names. By learning the sounds, kids can independently read any word without needing to memorise or by heart it.

At OckyPocky, we've designed the perfect system to teach your child Phonics.


Easiest way to Decode the English Language.


Fastest way to Learn, Read and Say Tricky Words.


Improves the grasp of English Vocabulary.


Children who learn Phonics Perform Better In Schools than those who don’t.

Built for Bharat

It is specially designed for Indian kids to Learn In Their Mother Tongue.

Made in India

The curriculum is developed by India’s Top 1% Teachers.

If English is not your Mother Tongue, then Phonics is the easiest way to learn English.

Why parents love OckyPocky!


“Great app with lots of word games and fun activities. My daughter Vaibhavi really enjoys learning new words everyday.”


"It is very good English learning app for kids. My child is starting to use it. He is very happy to use this app."


"This is the best app for kids. Wiht lots of fun and learning activities and with good animations. Your child definitely gonna enjoy this app.".


"During the lockdown I downloaded this app for my younger brother and the experience was so satisfactory. The way it teaches English and other stuff in fun way is the whole new technique to educate students. In India we need more such kind of technologies. The idea is greatly great. Love the app!"

Learn English the smarter, faster, and better way!

OckyPocky’s Phonics Curriculum is Developed Specifically for Indian Children.

Comprehensive program to learn our Phonics System

Proven, fun and multimodal phonics learning method

Powerful techniques to learn each letter's sound

Systematic teaching of the phonics concept

Foolproof training to read and say tricky words

Fundamental building blocks for English fluency

Research backed approach to teach English effectively

Learn with positive reinforcement and repetition

Phonics is an easy, fun, and flexible way for kids to master English quickly!

OckyPocky’s Phonetics curriculum is developed specifically for Indian Children.

Learning Phonetics is the smart choice.

"Highly recommended app. Amazing Experience. It's easy to use. It's quite useful for kids and it is helpful in building a kid's vocabulary. I think Ockypocky is the best educational app for kids."

Urfiya M.


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